CS: GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter computer game from Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment . At the moment it is the latest game in the Counter-Strike series. Like all past games, it is dedicated to the endless confrontation between the two teams: the terrorists and special forces.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive officially came out on August 21, 2012, and was announced back in 2011. Before the official release of the game, no one pinned any special hopes on it. However, immediately after the release, CS: GO began to rapidly gain momentum and very soon became one of the most popular games on Steam. At the moment, on average, more than half a million people simultaneously play it – this is an absolute record not only for Counter-Strike games, but also for all shooters in the world!

Gameplay CS: Global Offensive has become much more interesting and diverse than in the previous parts. If before the players had only a few types of cards available – “ de_ ” and “ cs_ ” with standard tasks in the form of installing a bomb or rescuing hostages, now there are completely new game modes: Arms race , Demolition , Battle death ( Deathmatch ) and others. And thanks to various mods on user servers, the list of available game modes expands even more: from zombie mod, where you need to infect as many other players as possible, to RPG mod, where you can pump your unique abilities and buy items! In CS: GO, you definitely never get bored!


So what is CS: GO so attracted players? Why not CS: Source or CS: 1.6? The answer is extremely simple. Significantly updated graphics and physics, new maps, new weapons, new game modes, an elaborate balance, a convenient matchmaking system that was so lacking in the games of the previous series, a rank and rank system, regular cybersports tournaments with huge prizes that tens of thousands of players started to play in KS: GO professionally – a new part of the game has become relevant again in the world of eSports!

Also, do not forget about thousands of different in-game items that can be obtained randomly at the end of the match or by trading between players: skins for weapons, stickers, badges, graffiti, music kits, gloves and much more! Such an abundance of in-game items greatly stirs interest in the game. Developers constantly update and improve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , fix bugs, add new maps, improve graphics, etc. – updates are released almost every week. No wonder that at the moment CS: GO is one of the most popular shooters in the world!

However, many players face a challenge before becoming familiar with the game. Unfortunately, it is paid. But not everyone wants to download curves pirated CS: GO assemblies through torrents, and finding a reliable and proven website where you can download a working CS: GO with all skins for free is not so easy. But to your happiness, our site is dedicated specifically to the free version of this game . By the way, absolutely all existing skins of weapons, gloves, objects and cases are available to the player, so even if you already have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam, we recommend that you download our free version of the game so that you can enjoy all the existing skins. weapons and objects.

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